Along with the wonderful personal service you provided, I found the Ayers’ database an invaluable resource that I hope to use again when needed. The environment at the Ayers office helped calm the nerves during this stressful period. 

– Tina D., Director, Financial Services

I truly came into Ayers with the notion that I really didn’t need your service, only to realize that without your services, I would probably be searching in the wrong direction with average at best resume and interviewing techniques.

 – Roger F., Vice President, Financial Services

From the time we first sat down to craft my resume and discuss my value proposition, until today, when we discussed the "first 90 days" on my new job, you have been enormously helpful. I attended many of the workshops at Ayers and found the networking sessions extremely useful.

– Lauren S., Executive Director, Financial Services

I used OneSource on a daily basis. The knowledge that I was able to gain through this tool allowed me instant access to thousands of businesses and email addresses. I used this tool before every interview to ensure I had a deep knowledge of the business I was meeting with. I have further used the tool to assist me with completing research on companies I will be working with in my new role. 

– John H., Vice President, Utilities

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and The Ayers Group for all your help and guidance during my job search. From critiquing my resume, to help with interview practice, you provided me with high quality advice and were always available to answer my questions and concerns. It has been a privilege to work with you and your commitment and professionalism was exceptional at every step.

 – Ab B., Project Manager IT

Thanks again to you and all of the trainers at The Ayers Group. You made it possible for me to land a great job in a very difficult job market.

Kristensen M., Sales Engineer, Technology


I met with my consultant on a weekly basis. During these meetings we would work on contacts, updating LinkedIn, resume building, and overall success strategies. These meetings were invaluable to achieving my overall goal. 

John H., Vice President, Utilities

Thank you for your guidance during my job search campaign. I appreciate the time and personal attention you provided throughout the process, beginning with your warm welcome at our initial meeting, your direct resume feedback, and your coaching during the learning, networking, and interviewing process. I am certain that I would not have found a position that is such an excellent personal and professional fit without your help. I have been impressed with the effectiveness of The Ayers Group’s outplacement program. The individual coaching sessions, self-discovery exercises and group seminars provide practical lessons that may be used immediately. Your career counselors are skilled at helping candidates to come to terms with their current situation, plan the next step in their career after personal reflection and consideration and take advantage of your broad array of resources. 

Michael O., Senior IT Manager, Operations and Engineering

I want to take a moment to thank each of you for the care and personal interest you have taken in helping me and the many other displaced folks during this period of transition. Having never gone through anything like this, I did not know what to expect of an outplacement agency. I know that many such organizations treat their "clients" as mere numbered cattle that go through a prescribed set of steps and then are sent on their way to figure it out for themselves. This has not been my experience at all with Ayers. You have all been so supportive. I have benefited from your collective knowledge, wisdom and desire to find the right fit for me. Because of your efforts, I feel prepared for the future and confident that there are brighter days ahead. 

Gary P., Human Resources Project Manager

My coach was extremely knowledgeable about the practical side of the job search process as well as the behavioral and emotional aspect of the process. He demonstrated a real commitment to me and provided the guidance and accountability that ensured my success. I also took advantage of several excellent seminars offered by The Ayers Group, where I learned job search techniques, networked with others and found motivation (which ebbed and flowed during the process). I also participated in some targeted networking groups that ultimately led to my new position. 

L.F., Director, Human Resources, Insurance

Thank you for all your help during these past six months in my job search. Now that I have a committed start date, I can finally exhale and focus on resuming my career. Being out of work for an extended period of time was much more difficult than I had imagined, as self-doubt and anxiety were constant foes. However, with your constant reassurance and sound advice, I was able to weather the storm, focus on what was in my control, and finally secure a viable employment opportunity. 

Mike O, Director of Technology Services, Business Services Company

I want to personally thank you for your assistance during my transition. I found the entire Ayers staff very supportive, and they truly took a personal interest in my success. I enjoyed the "small/family" environment, which made it very comfortable for me and others to regularly participate in training sessions, and more importantly, to make frequent visits to the office. I cannot tell your clients the importance of visiting the office and making key connections with others during their transition. Your service is certainly different than the larger, traditional outplacement organizations, where they treat you as another client not an individual.

Keith T., Human Resources Director, Health Care Services

I just wanted to personally thank you for the time you took to teach me all the tools that were needed to secure a job. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your expertise! I also want to thank you for helping me get through my difficult situation. Your kind words were sincere, thoughtful and appreciated. 

Jessie S, Patient Administrator, Health Care Services

Your honesty and professional feedback were invaluable, and were a definite contribution to the excitement and positive experience I had in this journey. 

Julianne R., Color Manager, Fashion and Apparel

Over the last eight weeks, your expertise and methodical approach really helped to keep me focused. Each week when we met, I felt accountable for showing you what I’d done to advance the search process. Your counsel at the start of the process on networking was point on, as was your direction on negotiating. Most importantly, you encouraged me and kept me positive from start to finish.

David R., Sales Manager, Branded Office Products

Through my consultant’s guidance, I created a top-rated brand through my Resume, 10-Second and 30-Second Commercials, a Biography, a Networking Profile and a Marketing Plan that I can use in my employment search. By attending CPI and The Ayers Group webinars and in-person seminars, I learned how to network, interview, create my brand and commercials, negotiate compensation, use social media and self-marketing techniques in my job search and become a consultant. These are all great tools in crafting an enjoyable and successful career. All of the presenters were knowledgeable and helpful. The information obtained from these sessions will assist me in my career advancement. 

Richard C., Product Developer and Research Analyst, Financial Services

My consultant has changed my view of the world. Having attended virtually all the seminars, I find myself confidently networking and expanding my contact list almost every day. That is a sea change in my behavior because in the past I always had the view that "my intellect will carry the day." There is no doubt that I will continue to refine my networking skills and expand my network. More importantly, I will enjoy networking. 

Doug P., IT Professional

I just wanted to thank you again for all the insights, advice, support and help that you gave me throughout my transition. Our one-on-one meetings and the seminars were very informative, useful and most appreciated. It is interesting during such times of change, how a listening ear can prove to be so important in turning a challenging situation into one of insight, reflection and forward movement. Your help and guidance has been the key to my securing a 12-month consulting contract and setting up my own company, which leaves all avenues open for me going forward, and brings in a good income as I work on building my business and providing the level of dedication and service to my clients that I previously gave to my employers. 

Joe S., Principal, Consulting Business

I will be starting my new position this week as Director, Human Resources, at [new company]. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help over the last several months. You made my experience with Ayers’ outplacement services truly productive. Thanks for being available and flexible whenever I had questions regarding issues I was facing, answering tough interview questions and marketing myself in a very tough job environment, as I was coming from a high-level position in the past. Though I have been a human resources professional for many years, facing the job search was still challenging. You provided me with valuable insight and guidance. The Peak Performance Group you lead was very helpful, and I learned new things each time we met. Those discussions were very enlightening. 

Donna G., Director, Human Resources

You were right, someone WOULD believe in all that I have to give! I am now back in the saddle, with a major pharmaceutical company. Thank you for all that you did during our time together to help me get back on track! 

Jodi C., Global Communications Lead, Pharmaceuticals

Today was my first day at my new job. It is very interesting and seems to have many nice things going on. I look forward to the new challenges I will encounter and the opportunity to learn new things. I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I must say that the advice and support you gave me during my time off was very valuable. The tools and coaching that you provided me were great, and I really enjoyed working with you. I truly appreciate your attention; I found it above and beyond. I was touched that even though you were on vacation, you made yourself accessible to me. I look forward to keeping in touch with you. I hope anyone that has opportunity to work with you realizes the great resource you are, and how fortunate they are to have that experience. 

Joyce H., Director of Marketing and Product Development, Luxury Goods

I started with a new company this past Monday and I wanted to extend this note of thanks. You provided world-class support through this difficult time. You have a high level of expertise, and you walked me through the process required to land a new job. In addition, when I didn’t know what to do or say next, you were able to guide me. You have a knack for knowing what to say and when to say it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and The Ayers Group, and only hope that others going through their job search have that advantage. 

Maureen D, Director of Technology, Financial Services.

I want to let you know that I started a job this week as a consultant at [new company]. I really appreciate your input during our meetings. Your guidance during my transition was wonderful, and I don’t think I could have secured this position without you. 

Martin E., Senior Desktop Support, Financial Services

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support and encouragement throughout this process. Back in December, you helped me rebuild my confidence, which was pretty much blown to smithereens at the time. And during the ups and downs of my search, I came to depend on your guidance a great deal. You are great at what you do, and I remain enormously grateful. 

Craig P., Project Manager, Financial Services

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