360° Feedback Debriefing

The Ayers Group helps translate 360° Feedback into performance results.

Our 360° debrief facilitation can help guarantee that feedback recipients can understand the data and translate it into action. We understand that data does not make decisions. The recipient needs to understand the data, own it and make decisions to act on it. Our consultants are trained to facilitate this process.

Research has proven that the distribution of 360° feedback reports does not ensure that the recipients will understand and act on their results. Follow-up is key, and debrief facilitation ensures that the recipient is prepared to translate data into an Individual Development Plan.

Our 360° feedback debrief facilitators help recipients:

  • Understand their report and interpret the data
  • Identify important messages and themes
  • Intergrate the feedback with other organizational data and objectives
  • Create Individual Development Plans focused on integrating all available developmental data


The Ayers Group also provides workshops for internal coaches to teach them how to debrief internal 360° feedback reports.

For more information about our services, please contact us at 866-977-6065 or via e-mail at info@ayers.com

360 debriefing
360 debriefing
Get the most out of your 360º Feedback investment