Executive Coaching

While the executive coaching marketplace offers a wide array of approaches, we believe the most effective coaching is directly linked to the strategic objectives of the business. Each coaching engagement focuses on the skills, abilities and behaviors that lead to improved business performance and results. With input from key stakeholders, our executive coaches work with leaders and managers to identify critical skill areas that focus on individual growth needs.

Each face-to-face coaching engagement includes the following:

  • Specific coaching objectives in the context of individual growth needs and business requirements
  • Building a development plan to address key issues and needs relative to the business
  • On-going, personalized developmental coaching using state-of-the-art methodologies, such as action-learning
  • In some cases, we find the need to conduct an assessment process, which could include instrumented 360º assessment and/or structured interviews
  • The use of assessments is driven by the coaching objectives and tailored to the specific engagement. They may include: HOGAN, Firo-B, Conflict Dynamics Profile or MBTI

Coaching Process
  • Through our team of coaches, The Ayers Group provides clients with choices to match coach qualifications with the specific needs of the coachee.
  • Behavior change is challenging. We believe face-to-face coaching is critical to the success of an individual's ability to remain focused on learning and living the new behaviors.
  • Each engagement is tailored to meet the individual needs of the coachee, respecting the boundaries evolving from the culture of their respective organization.

For more information about our executive coaching services, contact us at 866-977-6065 or via e-mail at info@ayers.com

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Corporate services
When to Engage an Executive Coach

Engaging an executive coach can provide great benefits.
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