Leader Assimilation Services

An Investment in Success

Executives who take on a new position, whether they are promoted from within or hired from the outside, find their honeymoon quickly ends. Expectations for reaching set goals and objectives are high, yet the timeframe for achieving those expected results is narrowing. 

The Center for Creative Leadership has reported that 40% of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. This reality is painful and expensive for the leaders, their teams and the company as a whole. The Ayers Group offers clients options to enable newly-transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in a new role.

Leader Assimilation Coaching - focus on the first ninety days 

Leader Assimilation Team Meetings - focus on the leader and the team 

Group Assimilation Process (Leader-Shift Program) - focus on groups of assimilating executives with common transition challenges and milestones 


Why The Ayers Group? 

The Ayers Group has a team of consultants who have designed and facilitated executive assimilation processes in some of the world's leading companies.

For more information about our leader assimilation services, contact us at 866-977-6065 or via e-mail at info@ayers.com

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We offer clients options to enable newly transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in a new role.