When To Engage An Executive Coach

Engaging an executive coach can provide benefits not available elsewhere in your organization. Here is a brief list of situations that lend themselves to coaching:

  • An executive  seeks to be more focused or re-energized in terms of specific performance objectives.
  • A leader needs an objective, unbiased partner with whom to be open and frank about problems faced in the organization.
  • A leader has assumed a new role and wants to accelerate the adjustment.
  • Your organization is defining and strengthening its succession plan and wants to prepare leaders for the pipeline.
  • A talented leader continues to run into obstacles and roadblocks and seeks help.
  • A manager is making a leap in scope shift to a larger leadership position and needs help transitioning from a tactical focus to being more strategic.
  • A team is not achieving desired results, and the leader needs help to identify what to change in team performance, and how to do so.
  • Follow-up to a Leadership Development Program that entailed strategic goal setting and development planning to support success.
  • At the first sign of burn out.

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