Ayers Client Spotlight

Here we offer our clients a place where they can share their accomplishments with our readers. Whether you’ve received a job promotion, an award, or some other form of recognition; are an active volunteer; have moved to a new company or assumed a leadership role in a professional association – whatever it is that you’re proud of, let us know and we will help you tell the world!

 A Lesson on Leadership from Two Fronts, Dave Fitzgerald, Senior HR Executive

Providing Hope through Work Readiness Program, Kevin Kahn, HR Executive

Due Diligence Leads Investment Professional to Perfect Fit in the Nonprofit World, Joelle Marquis, Partner, Arsenal Capital Partners

Stop Slavery, Robert Rigby Hall, Senior Vice President of HR

We put the spotlight on our client's news of their latest and greatest achievements. We'd love to write about you in future issues of The Ayers Report. Please send us your story or news of a promotion, achievement award, new job or leadership role, volunteer activity, etc.  Email your news to info@ayers.com