Championing leadership development.

Championing leadership development.

Transforming perceptions of executive coaching. We partnered with a global chemical company to shift internal perceptions of coaching and to help executives unlock personalized development expertise.

The challenge

A new Chief HR Officer (CHRO) wanted to transform executive coaching but faced internal challenges. In the past, coaching had been seen as a reaction to poor performance and it was important to challenge this perception sensitively.

The solution

The Ayers Group worked with the CHRO and other business stakeholders to develop personalized and practical executive coaching. We started with senior C-suite executives who became highly visible champions for the initiative.

The result

Executive Coaching led to greater productivity, higher retention, and stronger collaboration. Perceptions around leadership development have transformed and feedback from participants at every senior level and the wider business has been excellent.

Growing global coaching support.

The scope of support provided by The Ayers Group has expanded over time—from just a handful of high-level executive coaching relationships to around 50 engagements per year encompassing executive coaching, assimilation coaching, and team coaching. Today, we are the company’s primary vendor for executive coaching and leadership development. We received impressive feedback from both the leaders we support and stakeholders across the business.

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Provide an average of 50 coaching engagements per year.

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Coaching delivered at all senior levels from management up.

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Personalized engagements based on individual and business goals.

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Executive coaching delivered across the global business.

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Transformed perceptions of executive coaching.

A personalized approach.

Every coaching engagement is unique, and we customize our approach for each of the leaders we support—from providing an expert coach who is a great match for their needs to developing clear and specific objectives based on personal and business goals. We assess the success of each engagement based on growth and improvement demonstrated across these objectives. Although our coaching is confidential, we provide feedback on the wider themes we are experiencing to allow the business to gain a deeper understanding of their leadership performance.

Challenging perceptions.

At the very beginning of our engagement, executive coaching was widely perceived as a tool that was only brought in when a leader was failing to perform. We have transformed this view and now executive coaching is seen as a proactive and positive process that allows leaders at every level to realize their potential and grow their careers. It is hugely rewarding to see the leaders we work with go on to tackle new challenges using skills we have helped them to hone and develop

Growing a global relationship.

We have been working with this global organization for nearly 15 years and our relationship has grown alongside the scope of our coaching. We now work with leaders around the globe and help to support executives in every area of the client’s business. Our deep knowledge of the wider organization and open and supportive relationship with stakeholders is key to our success, and we are always looking for new opportunities to provide support and expertise.

Our value


Sensitive and customized approach.


Personalized leadership development.


Deep talent development and coaching expertise.

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