Overseeing smooth career transitions.

Overseeing smooth career transitions.

A dedicated outplacement partner. We have been partnering with a leading financial organization to provide high-quality outplacement support for more than a decade.

The challenge

A national financial organization was looking for an outplacement partner that provides exceptional support and respect for outgoing talent.

The solution

A high-quality program that offers support at every stage of the outplacement journey. Beginning with one-on-one career coaching sessions, followed by seminars facilitated by our career coaches and access to a suite of online tools, such as our proprietary PowerMyCareer portal.

The result

We are now the organization’s premier outplacement partner. We regularly receive excellent feedback from stakeholders across the business and have a 96% satisfaction rate with candidates who came through the program.

A conversation with the client’s head of HR at an industry event sparked an initial engagement of outplacement support for the organization. Since then, our relationship has grown—evolving to see us become this company’s preferred outplacement partner. At every stage, we are committed to providing exemplary outplacement support and guidance that mirrors the organization’s respect and care for its people.

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Initial phone call within hours of a request being received.

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Confidential and customized support.

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Dedicated career counseling and access to career tools.

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96% satisfaction rate amongst candidates in the program.

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Reduced risk of negative feedback and legal action.

Tackling difficult conversations.

It can be incredibly tough to hear that you need to leave your current role. We contact transitioning individuals within hours of receiving instruction and provide a neutral space for them to talk through their concerns and frustrations. By providing them with an overview of the services, an individual’s emotions go from anger, fear, and skepticism to excitement about the strategic, confidential support that they will be receiving through their next chapter at no cost to them. This not only reduces the likelihood of negative feedback for the client, but also greatly reduces the risk of legal action against the business. We estimate that more than 80% of the people we contact choose to go through our outplacement program, which is available after they have signed exit paperwork with the client.

Supporting impactful job searches.

Every person we work with receives personalized support, and we offer different levels of service tied to tenure and job role. The process includes weekly meetings with a dedicated career consultant and access to a proprietary portal that hosts a range of useful tools. These include interactive webinars, videos, podcasts, research tools, and a job-scanning tool that allows candidates to review job specs against their resume and see how closely they match the skills listed. As part of a global staffing organization, we are able to provide access to thousands of job opportunities across all industries and job categories. Everything we offer is designed to make a job search more impactful and to help people understand what they want and need out of a future role.

Ongoing outplacement success.

The feedback we receive from those who go through the outplacement process, as well as our stakeholders within the business, is incredibly positive. It’s very rewarding to help people through a difficult and uncertain time. The client is dedicated to providing excellent care to those transitioning out of the business, and we work hard to reflect this by providing an exemplary and authentic outplacement service. Through our decade long partnership with this organization, we have continued to innovate and enhance our offering to provide greater value and service to the client and their employees who have been impacted by job loss. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to better serve both the business and exiting employees.

Our value


Decades of outplacement expertise.


Personalized career support and advice.


A caring approach to transitioning talent.

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