The Ayers Group is recognized for our exceptional stable of executive coaches and organizational effectiveness consultants.  We are respected as a premiere consulting firm, focused on Leadership Development and Talent Management through our executive coaching and organization development services.

We understand and adapt to the evolving business environment.  We are in touch with the pressures and changing demands with which today’s leaders and teams are presented by multiple stakeholders.  We partner with our clients to clarify and prioritize their needs in a strategic manner.

Our services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leader Assimilation Services
  • 360º Feedback Debriefing
  • Leader Assessment
  • Learning and Development
  • Organization Development
  • Coaching On Demand – Performance Management
  • Leadership Team Building and Development

Types of Coaching

The Ayers Group provides coaching support to meet a variety of needs. Here is a brief list of our most common engagements:

  • Assimilation Coaching
  • Communication/Presentation Skills Coaching
  • 360 º Feedback Debriefing and Individual Development Planning
  • High Potential Coaching
  • International Acculturation Coaching
  • Legacy Coaching
  • Succession Coaching
  • Targeted Behavior Coaching 

Leader Assimilation Services

Executives who take on a new position, whether they are promoted from within or hired from the outside, find their honeymoon quickly ends. Expectations for reaching set goals and objectives are high, yet the timeframe for achieving those expected results is narrowing.

The Center for Creative Leadership has reported that 40% of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. This reality is painful and expensive for the leaders, their teams and the company as a whole. The Ayers Group offers clients options to enable newly-transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in a new role.

Leader Assimilation Coaching – focus on the first ninety days
Leader Assimilation Team Meetings – focus on the leader and the team
Group Assimilation Process (Leader-Shift Program) – focus on groups of assimilating executives with common transition challenges and milestones  

360° Feedback Debriefing

The Ayers Group helps translate 360° Feedback into performance results.

Our 360° debrief facilitation can help guarantee that feedback recipients can understand the data and translate it into action. We understand that data does not make decisions. The recipient needs to understand the data, own it and make decisions to act on it. Our consultants are trained to facilitate this process.

Research has proven that the distribution of 360° feedback reports does not ensure that the recipients will understand and act on their results. Follow-up is key, and debrief facilitation ensures that the recipient is prepared to translate data into an Individual Development Plan.

Our 360° feedback debrief facilitators help recipients:

  • Understand their report and interpret the data
  • Identify the most important messages and themes
  • Integrate the feedback with other organizational data and objective
  • Create Individual Development Plans focused on integrating all available development data

The Ayers Group also provides workshops for internal coaches to teach them how to debrief internal 360° feedback reports.

Leader Assessment

This service provides a mix of assessments packaged together to provide an accurate and objective summary of an executive’s strengths, potential derailers and key development needs and priorities.  The assessments are selected to align with his/her specific client objectives.  If desired, this service can be tailored to include an off-the-shelf, instrumented 360º feedback assessment and/or a series of structured interviews.  The assessment process is followed by an in-depth interpretive session.  Follow-up individual development planning and executive coaching is optional.

Coaching On Demand – Performance Management

The Ayers Group provides on-site Coaching On Demand for managers who would like guidance on how to be more effective around the performance management process.  Our consultants can be on site all day so that managers can sign up for one- to two-hour coaching sessions to discuss real-life issues around the current appraisal process.  These issues might include the following:

  • How to evaluate a staff member fairly
  • How to approach differences of view
  • How to identify and evaluate competencies, behaviors

Learning and Development

We design, develop and deliver customized training programs to address identified development needs of individuals and groups. Depending on the challenge identified, any or all of the following services may be appropriate:

  • Competency-Based Design and Development
  • Skill Assessment
  • Needs Analysis
  • Action-Learning Design Facilitation

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