How Executive Coaching Can Help Leaders Succeed in the New World of Work



    By Liana Gordon 

    Director, Executive Coaching and Development

    The last few years have seen life as we know it transformed forever, both professionally and personally. The global pandemic changed the way many of us think about and connect with work, while mental health and wellness have moved into the spotlight for organizations around the globe. There is no ‘new normal’, just radical reinvention, and leaders everywhere have had to step up to the challenge of driving success in an environment that looks and feels very different from the one we left behind.

    So, how can leaders ensure they have the tools and expertise they need to thrive in a world defined by constant change? Executive coaching can provide a space for leaders to reflect and grow, developing and honing skills that empower them to lead more effectively. But the benefits of leadership development go beyond individual reflection; great coaching ties individual growth to business goals to help leaders develop toolkits that accelerate business success.  

    Let’s dive into the ways that executive coaching can help leaders thrive in a brave new world of work.

    Smooth the way for successful transition

    Many companies have experienced huge growth during the global pandemic, and this has seen a new generation of leaders step up. However, one of the most daunting times in a leader’s career journey is navigating the challenges and opportunities of a more senior role. Imposter syndrome is real and it affects women disproportionally – 75% of female executives have experienced imposter syndrome in their career, according to a KPMG study. Executive coaching can help leaders to understand the challenges and opportunities they face and clarify the skills they need to grow to succeed. Coaching helps to prevent new leaders from becoming paralyzed by fear or uncertainty and is a powerful way for people to develop belief in their own capabilities.  

    Figure out boundaries and balance

    Being a strong leader doesn’t mean being the leader who works the longest hours or who sees their families the least. Leading in a turbulent world saw many leaders facing burnout, which meant dealing with exhaustion and a steep drop in impact and productivity. Executive coaching creates a safe space for leaders to process their own emotions about world and business events – enabling them to put on their own oxygen masks before helping others. It can also help them to figure out clear and sensible boundaries between work and home, to enable them to manage their environment, interruptions, and teams successfully. Finding personal balance is a key part of being an effective, innovative, and motivated leader; it’s also crucial in supporting employees as they find their work-life fit.

    Understand how to manage and support remote and hybrid teams

    Hybrid and remote working has gone from impacting a few people in a few industries to being the norm for millions of people around the world. Gartner predicts that at least 48% of employees will work remotely at least some of the time in a post-pandemic world, compared with 30% before. This has meant that leaders have had to develop a whole new skillset related to virtual management. Executive coaching can help leaders to understand the unique challenges associated with remote work – including loneliness – and enable them to communicate, motivate, and manage effectively, whether a worker is based in the next office or on the other side of the globe. 

    Create resilient and respectful workplace cultures

    The Covid-19 pandemic is not the only seismic shift we have experienced over the last couple of years. Issues around social justice and fairness have regularly made the headlines, and have seen many organizations strengthen and expand their diversity initiatives. Leaders need the tools to welcome and support people from a huge range of backgrounds and experiences, and to provide spaces where all voices are heard. Skilled executive coaches can guide leaders to strengthen their emotional intelligence and listen more empathetically to collective and individual perspectives to optimize loyalty, inclusiveness, and productivity.   

    Leadership at every level of an organization has a huge impact on business success, especially during periods of intense change. By engaging executive coaching services, organizations can ensure they have the resilient and agile leadership they need to face any obstacle or challenge.  

    At The Ayers Group, we focus on the skills, abilities, and behaviors that lead to improved business performance and results. With input from key stakeholders, our executive coaches partner with leaders and managers to identify critical skill areas and enhance productivity and performance for individuals and teams.


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