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Job searching can be overwhelming, but the PowerMyCareer™ portal gives you the tools and guidance to land back on your feet.

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Empowering your job search

PowerMyCareer™ combines interactive content, leading technology, and cutting-edge programs to match candidates to attain high quality job offers faster.

The PowerMyCareer™ platform includes the following tools:

  • PowerMyResumeCV ™ - allows candidates to create competitive resumes, CVs, and digital portfolios, while leveraging social networks.
  • PowerMyJobSearch™ - analyzes and aligns resumes and CVs to job descriptions, optimizing keywords for better visibility and performance.
  • PowerMyInterview™ - receive interactive training utilizing real-time video and professional coaching feedback.
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2X Faster than the average time to re-employment
80% Industry’s best % for landing equal or greater compensation
+78 NPS Industry leading score

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